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CYVANT (pronounced saˈvɑnt) is a boutique firm that specializes in recruiting cyber security professionals. Our mission is to change the way people think about recruiting.  

Once you experience working with the CYVANT’s Advanced Persistent Technical Recruiters (APT-R) you will understand why we are not your average recruiting firm.  CYVANT strives to build trust in the community and develop a talent network that goes above and beyond typical job boards and LinkedIn. 


CYVANT was started in 2018 by a passionate team to help cyber talent find the right opportunities.  Members of CYVANT’s team have recruited for Fortune 500 companies like T.Rowe Price, FireEye, CBRE, and Sony.  Typical cybersecurity roles we recruit on are reverse engineers, penetration testers, devsecops, software vulnerability researchers, FedRAMP SME’s, threat hunters, information assurance analyst, tier I/II/III soc analyst, and full-scope polygraph positions. 

Why Candidates choose CYVANT:

Does this inmail sound familiar to you? “Hi, I saw that you work with (insert cyber security tool here), I have a job doing (insert random cyber job here)...  Would you like to set up a time to chat?” 
Our specialized recruiting team never sends mass inmail messages to its candidates. We write an individualized messages to each candidate.  Our team asks what you want out of a new opportunity and work hard to find a proper fit for each candidate.  

Why Companies work with CYVANT:

It's hard to find the right candidates, with the right qualifications. At CYVANT, we don't waste your time with the wrong candidates. Taking the time to understand client company culture & needs and working to find candidates that can grow in our clients environments is a priority. CYVANT’s recruiting team has spent years immersing themselves in the industry to better understand their clientele and actually be a part of the community.  The talent that we send to our clients have been vetted and are well qualified. 
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